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Our Team is governed by 8 points:
Responsibility, Commitment, Collaboration, Happiness, Excellence, Abundance, Gratitude and Honesty.
Only then will we be willing to respond to any questions our customers may have.


I keep my promises and am responsible for my individual performance.

I am accountable to myself and others.

I accept my mistakes and focus my efforts on resolving them and not looking for excuses.

If I need help I ask


I give 100% of myself, 100% of the time.

I am body and soul in my duties,
because only then will I perform them well and when challenges arise, I don't focus on them,
but what can I do to overcome them and ensure they don't happen again?



I am part of a team where the success of one is the success of all.

I help my colleagues whenever necessary and I know that they will help me when I need it.


I smile at myself and at others, because only then will they smile back at me.

I deserve to be happy, only then can I do my best and contribute to the happiness of others.


Every day I do better than the day before.

I leave my comfort zone, I am creative, I adapt to constantly grow,
because “good” for me is not “enough”.


I give without expecting to receive back.

I serve my colleagues and clients abundantly, always thinking that there is enough for everyone.

I serve all customers as if they were the first, with variety and quantity at the right dose.


I am grateful to be part of this team and to have the opportunity to grow with my colleagues.

I am grateful for the opportunities given to me to evolve and grow.


I am honest and look for solutions for possible opportunities for improvement.

I speak the truth in a positive, constructive and proactive way, always.