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Leitão à Bairrada is no longer just in Mealhada

Being one of the best-known Portuguese delicacies, many Portuguese people still travel to the Mealhada area to try this dish. However, the real Leitão da Bairrada has long since arrived, and to stay, in Lisbon, Porto and even the Algarve.

Normally consumed on festive days, it is surprising how many restaurants exist in the center of the country and which are full every day with those who pass by, but also with many tourists.

In the Bairrada region, where this dish appears to have emerged, there are dozens of restaurants, many with dozens of years of history, however, when asked, the choice of the best place to try this snack is never unanimous.

So, before traveling several hours to this region, do some research first, the results may surprise you.

If a few years ago we only ate Francesinha in Porto and Porco Preto in Alentejo, this paradigm has changed, and the best traditionally Portuguese dishes can now be found in any corner of our country, we prepare them in a traditional way and with the best ingredients.

Leitão à Bairrada, for example, can be found in several restaurants in Lisbon or, even better, delivered to this region directly to your home and with the promise of still arriving hot and crispy.

Did your mouth water? Save what you prepared for dinner and today surprise your family with a meal very different from the usual.

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