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Drinks that make the flavor of Leitão à Bairrada even better

It is common knowledge that it is impossible to resist this dish. But did you know that there are drinks that even give you more flavor? Which is a secret that those who know keep well.

Beer or wine? Any fan of Leitão à Bairrada will respond without blinking that the second option is the best. Why? Because the seasonings and the strength acquired in the wood-fired oven need to be balanced with drinks that highlight the little fat and tenderness of the suckling pig. But be mistaken if you think that beer is not a good option.

Although, without a doubt, Bairrada sparkling wines are those with the largest number of unconditional fans, the important thing to accompany suckling pig is to find a drink, preferably fresh and balanced, that harmonizes its flavor and that of this wonderful snack.

Fresh, fruity and harmonious, these are the main characteristics we should look for in a wine that goes with suckling pig. The idea is to regenerate the palate, after each bite full of flavor, thus cutting out some of the fat and seasoning of the suckling pig.

If Bairrada varieties, such as Arinto, are traditionally preferred, Leitão proves to be open to new experiences and taking a risk on a white wine from Douro or the Almeirim area often ends up paying off.

But let's get to the beer. Craft beers, with a low alcohol content and flavored with citrus fruits, can, over time, become fashionable and gain points with malt lovers. Referring to the orange that so often accompanies suckling pig, this type of beer achieves the freshness and balance so sought after as an accompaniment.

It is easy, then, to see that the most important thing when choosing a drink is to look for the right characteristics that allow you to fully enjoy the flavor of suckling pig. Follow tradition or your personal taste, the important thing is to always have an unforgettable meal.

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